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Albert College

Kanada / Ontario


Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Co-Ed, No Religious Affiliation

Almost by definition, self-confidence must come from within, so what is the role of the institution?

I believe the key is in the word “inspire”. A school cannot instil, instruct or infuse self-confidence, but it can provide an environment that fosters the development of self-confidence. This is where Albert College excels.

Parents from around the world have told me how amazed they have been by the transformations they have seen in their children. When children are away at boarding school for months at a stretch, there is a perfect opportunity to assess the changes that take place over their years at Albert College.

How is this accomplished? The supportive, family environment combined with our expectation that every student participate in the five A’s, means that students are stretched beyond their comfort zone while knowing they have the support and backing of caring faculty and peers. Students have to challenge themselves in areas that are new to them. Whether it is playing a new sport, singing a solo in vocal class, preparing and presenting a public speaking piece or participating in a Duke of Edinburgh canoe trip, students discover strengths and talents they never knew they had. As their range of experiences broadens, students cannot help becoming more confident in their ability to approach each new challenge.

Our students also develop self-confidence through incremental opportunities for leadership. By the time our students reach Grade 12, all have had opportunities for involvement in a wide variety of committees and service activities. In particular, groups of students participate in international service trips, in leadership roles in local service organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Homework Club, and each year the entire school community votes for a group of Prefects who take on major leadership roles within the school.

The growth I see in these student leaders each year is remarkable. Albert College does not teach self-confidence, but one look at our graduates tells you that Albert College provides a perfect environment for our students to discover the potential within themselves.

Keith Stansfield, Head of School


Albert College

Kanada / Ontario