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Balmoral Hall School

Kanada / Manitoba


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

All Girls, Non-Denominational

Meliora Petens – Seeking Better Things

Balmoral Hall (BH) founded in 1901 as a university preparatory school, inspires girls to excel, to reach, to lead. Located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, BH offers a superior all-girls education focused on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math). A non-denominational independent day and boarding school, BH welcomes students from around the world, encouraging them to discover their passions in academics, athletics, and the arts. Girls find a place of belonging through a shared love of learning.Our educational philosophy includes a caring and individualized approach incorporated into a structured school setting. Focus is on developing each student's maximum potential using small class sizes with the finest faculty. Intensive university guidance and ESL preparation ensures all grads attend the university of their choice. The boarding program supports a residential curriculum focused on developing a healthy lifestyle. Daily after school and weekend activities are planned that nurture mental and physical fitness with all students involved in programs such as dance, sport, music and art as individuals or in groups. The on-campus residence is in the final stages of a multi-million dollar renovation and ready to be the perfect home away from home for all boarders arriving in September 2015.

Balmoral Hall is a designated testing site for SAT and ACT exams. We will also offer an intensive prep course for all of our students to learn techniques and strategies that will enable them to score the highest mark possible. Our university guidance beings in grade 8 and as a result on average all of our graduates receive offers of admission to universities of their choice with more than 80% receiving academic scholarships.


Balmoral Hall School

Kanada / Manitoba