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Hillside School

Amerika / Massachusetts

Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

All Boys, No Religious Affiliation

Hillside School, in Marlborough, Massachusetts, provides a traditional, structured, and challenging academic environment for boys in grades 5-9. Our community is culturally diverse, with 145 students from 11 countries and all over the country. Hillside's 150-acre campus, 35 miles west of Boston, provides an ideal setting for boys to excel academically, athletically, creatively and socially. While we have excellent access to all the city has to offer, most learning takes place in classrooms with a 7:1 student to teacher ratio.

Standards and expectations are the guideposts for success at Hillside School. Our boys learn to embrace the School’s core values of compassion, determination, honesty, respect and fun at Hillside and beyond. These values prepare them for lives of meaning and purpose. Our boys’ efforts in achieving the Hillside core values are measured using our Shades of Blue system. This communication system monitors student progress and behavior, brings attention to areas of concern, and often prevents small issues from escalating. Shades of Blue is essential to Hillside’s effort to keep parents informed of their son’s academic and behavioral success and areas of challenge.

Hillside faculty draw upon their deep experience of knowing how boys learn, to meet every student at his individual learning threshold. Academics are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a spectrum of learning styles, from complex and accelerated courses, to programs designed for English as a Second Language students, to coursework that supports bright boys with particular areas of learning difficulty. One key characteristic of Hillside academic life is our shared commitment to teaching boys lifelong learning skills. They master how to take notes, read a text, study, and conduct research -- so that when they graduate, they are genuinely and deeply prepared to tackle the challenges of their future learning.

Athletics promote group cooperation, socialization, self-confidence, school spirit, and play, as well as good physical, mental, and emotional health, all of which are essential to a child’s development. The Hillside Athletic Program strives to instill sportsmanship, integrity, and effort through student participation. Coaches also emphasize value development.

Hillside’s nurturing environment provides the vital support every boy needs to learn and mature. Our graduates emerge as confident, independent learners and valued members of their communities.


Hillside School

Amerika / Massachusetts