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Howe Military Academy

Amerika / Indiana


Howe, Indiana, USA

Co-Ed, Episcopal

We all hope for the best for our children – especially when it comes to their education. We dream of them seamlessly transitioning from primary to secondary school and “fitting in” immediately. The reality is the move to secondary school is a paradigm shift that can be overwhelming for some.

Secondary schools are places of change that coincide with a child’s biggest developmental changes. The combination of which can result in a breakdown of their coping mechanisms – leading to feelings of anxiousness and lack of control. Often, this affects their performance and may even cause them to lash out or withdraw for self-protection.

At HOWE Military Academy, we understand the strain this places on your family. That’s why we have spent 130 years perfecting our educational model so we can make life at HOWE as predictable and stable as possible for your child. Our fusion of military structure, Christian values, and educational rigor for grades 7-12 helps students feel cared for while demanding respect, self-discipline, and academic growth. This has prepared more than 5,000 young men and women for success after HOWE – 95% of whom have gone on to earn advanced degrees, become leaders in the military, or thrive in the private sector.


Howe Military Academy

Amerika / Indiana