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Missouri Military Academy

Amerika / Missouri

Mexico, Missouri, USA

All Boys, Christian/Non-Denominational

Missouri Military Academy is a preparatory school with a military tradition that serves boys in grades 6-12 from around the world. We offer distinct high school and middle school programs centered on the principle that the best education is one that develops the "whole student."

Our 360° Education supports and promotes:

Academic Excellence – A World Class education that prepares our cadets for college entrance and graduation from the nation’s finest four-year colleges and universities.

Character Development – MMA students are imbued with an educational program that educates our young men and boys with the time-proven standards of conduct, ethical behavior, integrity, spiritual values and service to others.

Personal Motivation – MMA cadets are encouraged through positive competition, teamwork, and goal setting, to strive for excellence as individuals and members of a group.

Physical Development – Through an integration of health and physical education, physical training, and athletic competition, students will be encouraged to develop physical self-confidence, self-esteem and a general sense of well-being.

Leadership – A distinct military structure prepares cadets for personal responsibility and provides increasing opportunities for leadership and developing improved responsible decision-making capacities.

We invite you to visit our beautiful campus located approximately 1.5 hours west of St. Louis.


Missouri Military Academy

Amerika / Missouri