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Olney Friends School

Amerika / Ohio

Barnesville, Ohio, USA

Co-Ed, Quaker

Olney Friends School is an independent learning community with deep Quaker roots. Every student who graduates from Olney is exceptionally well prepared for higher education, with all our graduates accepted into four-year colleges.

What we really mean by education at Olney is the development of all aspects of what it means to be an inquisitive, skilled, responsible, self-reflective, empowered and contented human being.

In the usual way of conceiving of things, students go to school and come home. At Olney, we are always home, and we are always in school. In this sense, the word “school” loses meaning and the concept of living, working, playing and cooperating as continual learners emerges instead.

Established in 1837, Olney is a co-educational, college-preparatory boarding and day school for 65-70 students in grades 9-12. We offer an intellectually challenging program within a supportive Quaker community. We celebrate intellectual vigor, provoke questions of conscience and nurture skills for living in community. Olney Friends School's students come from diverse international, religious, social and economic backgrounds.

Our 350-acre campus is about 90 minutes west of Pittsburgh, Pa., and two hours east of Columbus, Ohio. Nearby Interstate 70 makes travel to these metropolitan areas and their international airports convenient.

Although Olney is in the heart of coal country and a region where gas an oil exploration are booming, the school has protected its land from fossil fuel development. Through 140 years of good stewardship, Olney has maintained a large and productive farm that provides produce and farm-fresh meat for student and staff meals.


Olney Friends School

Amerika / Ohio