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Santa Catalina School

Amerika / California


Monterey, California, USA

All Girls, Roman Catholic

Since 1950, Santa Catalina has been a leader in education for young women. We know that inside each student there is a purpose waiting to be fulfilled. At Santa Catalina, our students already have a head start.

It’s a fact that girls’ school graduates have a significant edge in the world over their coed peers, and the advantages of Santa Catalina reach far beyond statistics. You’ll have a safe place to focus and explore your passions. You’ll have a beautiful campus on which to make lasting friendships and feel comfortable with your place in the world.

Santa Catalina is a place where you can take risks, knowing people here will support you. You’ll discover talents, interests, and skills you never knew existed within yourself. You’ll be engaged – intellectually, creatively, athletically, and spiritually – to help you see things in new ways. Join one of our interscholastic athletic teams or maybe the hip-hop dance group. Run for a Student Senate position, become a member of Amnesty International, or help in the organic garden. The extracurricular opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Our curriculum will encourage you to discover DaVinci, explore environmental issues, and debate everything from poetry to political issues to celebrity pop culture. Your class options will be diverse and innovative, and could include Global Conflict and Resolution in the 21st Century, Peace and Justice, World Literature, or Mandarin Chinese. Engaged learning can include a satellite news broadcast in French, or a guest scientist from Stanford University. The curriculum will expand your mind and stimulate your curiosity.

We teach the way girls learn most effectively, often with open discussion and group projects. Our faculty is available, involved, and interested in you. They know the point of school is not so much what you learn, as what learning allows you to accomplish in the world when you leave.

Your personal and academic journey will include preparation for life beyond our campus. Our college counseling program will support your journey, and your college decisions will be informed by your academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular experiences. When you take that next step, you join generations of young women who began inventing their futures at Santa Catalina and are now realizing their dreams.

If you’re looking for a school that helps you discover the person you are meant to become – Santa Catalina is the place to begin.


Santa Catalina School

Amerika / California