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The Oxford Academy

Amerika / Connecticut


Westbrook, Connecticut, USA

All Boys, No Religious Affiliation

Since 1906, Oxford has specialized in working with young men ages 13 to 20 of average to superior intelligence through a college preparatory program designed to meet their specific needs. Education at Oxford is completely individualized; each class consists of one teacher and one student. Each boy’s academic program is designed around his unique interests, ability and pace of learning. Our rolling admissions policy allows a candidate to enter whenever there is space available.

There are so many reasons for enrolling at Oxford: some of our young men have not been successful in the traditional classroom environment, some wish to accelerate their programs, while others are looking to make up for lost time. International students come for our English as a Second Language (ESL) program and individualized instruction in all subjects. At Oxford Academy, the student’s success is directly connected to his willingness to work hard and assume responsibility for his education.

Oxford Academy can have an extraordinary impact on a young man’s life. It can turn him around and put him on the path to a better education and a better life. It is here that many young men discover their true potential. We welcome you to visit us at one of our informational tours to have a richer and more meaningful understanding of Oxford's mission.


The Oxford Academy

Amerika / Connecticut