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TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

Amerika / Texas

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Co-Ed, Episcopal

The School was originally known as West Texas Military Academy, at which General Douglas MacArthur was the first valedictorian. In 1926, the school was renamed to Texas Military Institute and in 1972 the school opened its doors to female students; the military program became optional in 1974.

Today the school is known as TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas and is located in the Texas Hill Country. TMI educates students in grades 6-12 and offers a complete college-preparatory program including honors and Advanced Placement courses, as well as competitive athletic program. Fine Arts electives are offered in studio art, theater, and vocal and instrumental music. TMI’s nationally ranked, optional JROTC program allows cadets to engage in special activities and all students have opportunities to participate in honor council, student clubs, student government, and community service.

The Residential Life program at TMI enhances the mission of the school by providing boarding students a nurturing living environment that enables them to excel and mature within a supportive community. Both five-and seven-day options are available to students in grades 8-12.

Campus facilities include: 14,000-volume library; science and computer labs; indoor/outdoor athletic facilities; indoor riffle range; chapel; 6 dorms; and a fine arts center.

The mission of TMI is to provide an excellent educational community, with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, challenging motivated students to achieve their full potential in service and leadership.


TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

Amerika / Texas